About Winsome Gunning

Winsome Gunning art is about my journey and a journey is rarely along a straight road.

After graduating from Canterbury University in Fine Arts I taught for some time before working professionally as an artist.

Early works included The Interior Series valued by many collectors. This series reflects a feeling of enclosement, with always a source of light midst the shadows.

Another popular early series is The Mermaid Beach Series. These iconic images of beach life were painted when I lived in a small beachfront unit. They share the feeling of peace and beauty felt at this time.

This ambiance quickly left with the entrance of developers to Mermaid. For some time after my paintings expressed the pain of this transition and I call these The Transition Series.

Finally I decided to leave Mermaid and and live a different way. My apartment took three years to sell and during this time Sustainable Dreaming permeated my images.

From this new part of my journey a series has emerged. I am calling this The New Earth Series . It includes sustainable materials and expresses my desire to seek a healing relationship with the soil and the natural world it sustains.

My contact with the followers of Permaculture and their caring ways with our earth has been a factor in the development of my concepts and the use of sustainable materials at one with our planet and its people.

Share more of my journey here.

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